Ready to sell your house? Look no further! Peace Home Offers is the 360° full-service real estate solutions company you need. We offer various options, including selling for cash, creative options, or traditional listing. You're covered no matter what your preference is. While you might know a few local real estate agents, have you considered selling directly to a professional buyer like us? We've helped countless property owners sell with confidence, at a fair price, on their terms, without any hassles or fees. But hey, if traditional selling is what works best for you, we've got that covered too. Our top priority is finding the absolute best solution for our clients based on their unique situation. Contact us today to learn more!

They did a fabulous job. They took my house and bought it and was so efficient and so nice. So convenient to have Jake come over and take care of everything. Didn’t have a thing to worry about and everything worked out perfect. So happy. I highly recommend that you use them.
– Fred

My name’s Dan Jacobs in the process of selling the house, in the house. And Jake, guys, he’s the one you guys, to know. By word of mouth, he’s a great man and he does what he says he’s gonna do. So he’s a man of his word.

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This is about Jake, okay, he’s an awesome guy. If you have anybody that wants to sell their house, he’d be the main guy to talk to; to tell him, hey, there are some more houses here. He’s been there for me the time I had here. In hard times, he was there for me. He got my house sold for me. He’s a great man to deal with. Awesome man. If I have another house to sell, I would come to him. Thank you, Jake.

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Good morning Peace Home Offers

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how very happy I was with the assistance and service you provided me recently with the sale/purchase of my home on Haleakala Drive.

The professional and pleasant manner in which you conducted the transaction was the best I have ever encountered in any prior dealings I have had with members of the Real Estate industry and I would highly recommend you to anyone you may have dealings with, in this type of transaction.

Congratulations and all good wishes to you in your future endeavors.

Respectfully ,

Marion (Madge) Stoknes

I sold my house to Peace Home Offers

It was in pretty bad shape but they were able to buy it from me in under two weeks,

and they paid more than I was offered by several other investors.

They did exactly what they said they would do in the timeline they said they would do.

Jake is a man of his word and I would recommend anyone to do business with them.

Charles C.

I worked with Peace Home Offers on the sale of my last home.

It was a tough situation with many ups and downs but at the end they came through with flying colors.

I would recommend them to anyone needing to sell their home in any situation!

Matt O

I worked with Peace Home Offers for the sale of my last home.

Jake was great throughout the whole process. He was always willing to answer my questions and adapted to my availability. Due to work and my lifestyle, texting is the best form of communicating for me and they were always very accommodating.
Jake is not only a good agent but a man of principal and high moral standards. It was truly a pleasure working with him and the team…


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Ready to sell your house? We got you! Peace Home Offers is the 360-degree full-service real estate solutions company you need. We offer various options, including selling for cash, creative options, or traditional listing. You're covered no matter what your preference is.

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