Understanding Market Value vs Assessed Value: A Guide for Selling Your Las Vegas Home

Understanding Market Value vs Assessed Value: A Guide for Selling Your Las Vegas Home

June 19, 20232 min read

"Setting a great asking price is critical. You do not want to set it too high and have to repeatedly lower it to get buyers in the door."

Selling a home in Las Vegas can be confusing when determining its value. Differentiating between market value and assessed value is crucial for setting the right asking price. Learn about these key concepts to make informed decisions when selling your home.

Market Value by Definition

Understand the definition of market value, which is the most probable price your property should fetch in a competitive and open market. Factors like fair sale conditions, prudent buyer and seller behavior, and lack of undue stimulus influence market value. It represents the amount you can expect if your home is on the market for a few months, assuming smooth transactions and regular buyer interest.

Assessed Value by Definition

The assessed value is the dollar value assigned to a property for tax purposes. County property assessors determine this value based on factors such as comparable home sales and inspections. It is essential to note that assessed value may not reflect changes in market value. The difference between assessed value and market value is known as the equalization rate, used by the county to determine your actual property value.

Appraised Value

Appraised value differs from both market value and assessed value. A licensed professional conduct an appraisal, thoroughly examining various aspects of the home. While appraisals can provide an accurate assessment, they remain the opinion of a single individual. Other methods rely on mathematical calculations based on the home's history and market conditions.

"Work with a true professional who can help you accurately determine the market value of your home and ensure a successful sale."

Internet-Based Property Values

Large real estate websites offer property value estimates using their own formulas. These values are broad and rely on market conditions and user-provided information. However, they may not accurately reflect the true value of your home. It is essential to consider these estimates as a starting point rather than the definitive market value.

Implications for Sellers

As a seller, educating yourself on these concepts and understanding terms such as the equalization ratio and fair market value is crucial. Work with a knowledgeable professional who can accurately determine the market value of your Las Vegas home. Setting the right asking price is critical to attracting buyers without undervaluing your property or resorting to repeated price reductions that may raise concerns among potential buyers.


When selling your Las Vegas home, familiarize yourself with market value, assessed value, and appraised value. Be cautious of internet-based property value estimates and rely on the expertise of a qualified professional to determine an accurate market value. Set an optimal asking price to maximize your chances of a successful sale. Contact us for further guidance on selling your Las Vegas home. Call our office at (702) 623-8705 or message us.

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